Get Huge Savings When Buying Wholesale Bags in Bulk

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Get Huge Savings When Buying Wholesale Bags in Bulk

When we buy at supermarkets or at our local grocery stores, we often get these colorful shopping bags packed with our items. Not only do these bags serve the purpose of carrying our groceries and purchases from store to home, but also, but they also tend to make us aware of the brands that are printed with it. Whichever purpose it may serve, companies, supermarkets, and retail shops do require a system of packaging always available. Running out of it may end them up to alternatives and the missed opportunity to advertise and carry the brand name all over their grocery bags. Thus, it is deemed important for them to secure these grocery bags in bulk or large volumes.

Saving On Reusable Bags

Reusable shopping bags are attractive to supermarkets and retail shops because they tend to increase the profit and sales margin of the company. It is estimated that the average non-woven bag costs from ten to twenty-five cents each to produce. That’s a clear and definitive value for money. 

Shopping bags are clearly getting the picture in terms of economic, frugal and thrift value systems that are so important in our modern economy. The value of “reuse” is nevertheless outstanding and deserves all-time applause. Not only do we make big savings on production costs but we also get the upside of it being “reusable” and contribute to our environmental goals.

Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

Yes, you read it not twice but thrice, and it shouldn’t stop there. Reusable shopping bags should be maximized at its fullest. We gain more with increased reuse. So the next time you plan to shop in bulk at your favorite grocery store, don’t forget to bring the grocery bags you had the last time you purchased. 

Last year, Denmark conducted a study about how often should we use our reusable shopping bags. The researchers pegged their study at how often a shopping bag should be reused before being repurposed as trash bin liners and eventually discarded. They deduced that thermoplastic polymer or simply PP (polypropylene) bags should be maximized and used 37 times. Surprisingly, paper bags upped the “reuse” game and was numbered at 43 reuses. Lastly, they noted that you consider using cotton-made shopping bags at around seven thousand times before you toss it aside.

Let it be your personal mantra – chant “reuse, reuse, reuse.” A melody that’s also in tune with the music of our forests, lakes, and seas.

Nature Is Boss

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It’s always a good measure to check whether the reusable bag you are using is good for the environment. Paper bags, PP bags, and cotton bags are the go-to materials for shopping bags that are eco-friendly compliant. For a single-use comparison, reusable bags are far more environmentally positive as compared with conventional disposable plastic bags. The repeated utility of reusable shopping bags makes it more environmentally sustainable which is perfect for nature-loving individuals.

Assume that nature is our perpetual boss. That should be the guiding principle of all business around. For what use are your company profits when that one single earth you live in is already resource-depleted and garbage-intoxicated.

Look Beyond The Dreaded Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are notorious for their contribution to solid-waste pollution, high carbon-footprint in production, poisoning of the ocean with microplastics, the entanglement of marine animals, and many other debilitating forms of environmental downgrading. Single-use, plastic bag consumption needs to be reduced. It is advocacy which is both environmentally sound and fiscally responsible.

That’s why scientists, businesses, and stakeholders are looking beyond the use of plastics as utility packages. Thanks to recent environmental awareness that we already have straightforward alternatives to get rid off plastic shopping bags. We list a couple of reusable alternatives that are cheaper and more eco-friendly than plastic bags:

  • Reusable paper or kraft paper. Paper bags may come in brown or white colors. Brown or kraft bags are widely used in the paper bag industry. White paper bags are good templates for those who wish to have their brand logos printed because it presents a cleaner outline compared to brown bags. Paper bags are also useful as food takeaways, retail bags, wine packaging, and other merchandise utilities.
  • Hessian or jute bags. Hessian work bags, commonly referred to as jute bags, is a throwback alternative to plastic bags. Jute bags have higher tensile strength and longevity compared to most common bags. It is made of 100% natural materials which makes it completely renewable and biodegradable. These plant-based bags are also inexpensive and can degrade biologically within two years.
  • Cotton. Calico bags are made of woven textiles from unbleached and often partly-processed cotton. Some critics say that cotton-based materials are costly because growing cotton maintains huge water requirements, applies a substantial amount of pesticides and requires fertilizer inputs. Nevertheless, it still counts as a legitimate alternative for plastic bags.
  • PP bags or polypropylene ‘green’ bag. There’s a lot of contention about the use of these bags. PP bags are made from polypropylene, a fossil fuel-based plastic, and are technically made from unnatural sources. Polypropylene bags are used at an average of 650 days. At disposal time, they can be repurposed or recycled at proper recycle bins that are categorized with soft plastics.
  • Basket or weaved bags. Revisit those indigenous shops and handmade specialty stores in your locale. You’ll probably find one or two spots that provide a basket or weaved bags for your daily shopping utility. You’ll also get that picturesque OOTD wearing that basket while picking up those organic eggs, flowers, and wine at the town market.

The Ultimate Reusable Shopping Bag Pay-off

Reusable shopping bags are ultimately rewarding because they save on money, save on resources, durable/reliable and gives us peace of mind as to our obligation with protecting the environment. The pay-off is a gazillion times more as compared to the use of plastic bags.

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