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If your Grocery store does not offer paper bags ask them to contact THEY ARE FREE….. That’s how important saying NO to plastic is to our environment. We will provide hundreds of millions of bags to stores around the country for free.




Grocery Stores


Did you know that in 2016, the leading grocer used 1.4 billion plastic bags for a total cost of $7 million? If you are running your own grocery store, imagine crossing this off your expenses. This much money can be saved if you care for the environment. More and more consumers agree that using paper bag is environmentally-friendly and it makes them feel good for supporting this cause.

If you can reduce your expenses, help care for the environment, and make your customers happy all at the same time, using Shopping Bags Free is a no brainer!




If you’re a company who wants to advertise and ensure that your customers get your message, it makes sense to reach out to them directly. You’d want to TARGET them, EXPOSE your brands to them, and REPEAT the process. With Shopping Bags Free, you get to take your business to the next level by hitting all three targets, in one paper bag!

Letting your customers become your brand ambassadors carries the best marketing benefits. Putting your logo in a paper bag, where customers carry them to their cars, out of their cars, into their homes, and reusing them (as they are sturdy) to carry other things maximizes exposure. Your ad doesn’t have to be picked up, no page has to be turned, no site has to be looked up, and no hearing or reading necessary! All you need to do contact us, and we’ll do the rest for you, including distribution!




Thanks to social media and other online channels, consumers are now highly aware of the environmental pollutions and hazards caused by plastic bags. They know that what goes into the ocean, goes back into our body in several ways. Plastic and other forms of pollution are getting consumed by our marine life, and it’s making its way into our food chain as roughly 8 million tons of plastic wastes are dumped into the ocean every year.

Reducing the amount of plastic waste by switching to paper bags instead of single-use plastics can significantly decrease the health hazards caused by this pollution. In simple words, if the ocean is clean, the marine products that consumers eat will also be clean and free of toxins. The more people understand the cycle, the more consumers will opt to use paper bags instead of single-use plastics to avoid future health issues, and more importantly, to save our environment.

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