Consumers Use Custom Paper Bags 3 More Times

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Consumers Use Custom Paper Bags 3 More Times

At present, there are two major ways consumers transport their shopping goods or retail items – Plastic Bags or Paper Bags. Consumers get into long conversations over which approach is better, but eventually, we do settle our case on the positive benefits of paper bag use. Products such as custom paper bags are a common choice by industry vanguards. But do you ever wonder what real consumers say about the use of paper bags over plastic? On this feature, we check the facts.

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Direct Surveys Says Custom Paper Bags Used More

A survey study in Hong Kong showed that consumers are more likely to reuse a paper bag two to three times more than its plastic alternatives. It was also noted that consumers are more bound to keep custom paper bags over plastic bags due to their aesthetic and sentimental appeal, resulting in increased reuse and upcycling. These arguments also coincide with a long-standing perception that shopping bags also act as walking billboards. Carrying these shopping bags even projects the consumer’s personality. While plain paper bags are environmentally compliant, custom bags with brands and themed prints are more appealing to consumers.

How the Industry Respond to Consumers Preference on Paper Bags

Putting environmental concerns into consideration, environment-friendly packaging solutions has been a trend practiced by industries today. These practices resulted in serious changes in conventional packaging methods. With plastic bags becoming undesired, the demand for custom bags and other environmentally sound packaging methods have galvanized.

According to government policies and regulations, consumer preferences have led the packaging sector to shift towards eco-friendly solutions. Many companies hailing from the packaging world have stringently banned the usage of materials like plastics for packing products, as they tend to be life-threatening. This has resulted in the tremendous growth of the paper market. Also, rapidly expanding hypermarkets and supermarkets have contributed largely to the growth of paper and custom bags market over the years.

Today, a lot of shopping retailers offer paper bags instead of using plastic bags or requiring customers to bring reusable bags, believing their consumers should have better choices in how they choose to transport the goods they buy.

The Profitability of Using Custom Paper Bags

Several new retail merchants don’t realize just how much difference and impact marketing can do to their potential profit goals. Entry-level businesses have often very little or even no budget for product advertisement. Yet there are inexpensive ways to get your brand out there as much as possible, and this doesn’t need to be anything big or flashy – even custom paper bags can help market your business.

So when was the last time you shopped on your local store and found that they are still using plastic bags for their packaging? Shopping Bag Free offers free paper-made custom bags for customers through retail partners. If you are part of the industry supporting paper bags and interested in providing customized bags wholesale to your local shopping partners, Shopping Bags Free provides easy solutions for you and your company’s custom bags distribution needs. Contact us now!

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