5 Ways to Utilize Your Custom Grocery Bag

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5 Ways to Utilize Your Custom Grocery Bag

You may think that a custom grocery bag is a lowly, single-purpose, utility package tool limited only to transport your groceries from store to home. Well, consider it wrong, because, for all we know, there’s a wide variety of applications that this humble grocery bag has to offer.

Beyond utility, grocery bags are now widely considered as tools for marketing and advertising brands, products or companies. Customized paper shopping bags are good instruments for marketing because it is reusable, earth-friendly, and serves as a hand-carry advertisement for your brand. The act alone of carrying these ad-laden grocery bags is a statement that customers agree on the philosophies of your brand. Here, we enumerate other ways to utilize custom reusable grocery bags in the market spectrum:

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1. Trade Shows

You’ve probably heard of the American International Toy Fair, the Pack Expo, the CES Trade Show. There are in fact thousands of these shows and events happening annually, and they come in a variety of themes and interests. They even have trade shows specialized for the shooting enthusiast, the SHOT Show. A good way to start these events is to provide customized or printed bags for attendees. They will surely appreciate the effort, for these events are packed with handy giveaways and materials for people to keep.

2. Fundraisers

We’ve already seen those fashion shows, community auction, town carnival, foster home open-house, charity balls, dinner-for-cause, costume parties, etc. Fundraisers are great ways to involve ourselves in the plight of the needy. It’s self-gratifying social participation. Using customized tote bags for these events is a sure way to support our beloved charities and causes in the long run.

3. Meet & Greet Events

Fans are always the most engaging type of consumers around. Whether they adore local celebrities, politicians, famous authors, or youtube stars, loyal fans engage in a variety of ways to reach their idols. Meet and greet events are showstoppers. Most fans drop everything in favor of attending these events. Custom bags make great memorabilia for these treasured events.

4. PR events

A company’s public relations event is a dream come true for both advertisers and marketers. The presence of the press, influencers, and the general public provides a great opportunity to maximize exposure of your company’s products and services. Carry-on packages are an ingenious way to bring about these goals.

5. Shopping

We saved the best for last – shopping. We all go shopping and shopping is a core consumer activity. It’s a daily, almost subconscious event that shapes our personal routine. We need not enumerate the pros of using a grocery bag with custom ads and prints. The list of benefits is endless. Most noteworthy is the eco-friendliness of the materials used in making such custom bags.

On a final note, we aim to emphasize the reusable and recyclable features of using shopping bags, specifically those bags made out of paper. Instead of using plastic materials for your brand events, always grab the option of using paper for your custom grocery bag. Your company should aim for that reliable and eco-friendly packaging and marketing solution. Our team at Shopping Bags Free will be glad to help you decide on the best packaging and marketing solution for any event detailed above. Contact our agents today to learn more about our offers.

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