Using Paper Bags With Logo is a Smart Choice That Sparks Joy

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Using Paper Bags With Logo is a Smart Choice That Sparks Joy

We often view the use of paper bags with logo to be something new or novel. Generation Y, millennials as we now call it, and generation Z both see the use of paper bags in groceries and retail shops to be something hip, cool and trendy. But is it actually new? No, not at all.

A quick history lesson will better guide us to understand the world of shopping bags better. It was reported that a certain school teacher named F. Wolle developed the first machine to mass-produce paper bags. If you’re guessing it was invented in the early nineteen hundreds, well, you guessed it all wrong. The safe bet would be around eighteen hundred, the 1850s to be exact. Where not fooling you here, paper bags actually began the shopping bag industry around a hundred years before plastic bags were introduced in the 1970s. Little did we know, that we were already on track for environmentally sound practices back in the days. Our great-great-grandfathers were just as hip, cool and trendy as we are right now. We just didn’t have those custom shopping bags with logo back in the 1800s though.

In brief, the use of paper bags significantly precedes the proliferation of plastic bags in the market. We had it right all along, but we still ended up with all those obnoxious plastic bags everywhere. What went wrong? Businessmen went crazy over polyethylene for two obvious reasons, it’s super cheap and can be easily manufactured. All at the great expense of degrading the environment and contributing to health hazards worldwide. Imagine the karma when businesses are now being penalized for their carbon emissions and are made to pay for it. Simply view it, businesses didn’t actually cut costs and lessen manufacturing time, they have made it all worse by shedding extra costs and provide more time to help bring back a better environment.

Why Smart Choice?

From baby boomers up to our latest generation, there has been a growing concern about the environment and an ongoing clamor for policy change to prevent the further pollution of our planet. We have done enough innovation alongside practical solutions to allow us to effectively recycle and harness renewable sources of energy. We are all but misled by the promise that the use of plastics would bring us modernity and that the use of disposable plastic materials is practical solutions to our fast-paced modern life.

In a nutshell, we have to agree that the use of plastics should never be a mistake made twice by our future generation. Consider that paper bag with logo offer from your local retail store and commend the staff and owner for being environmentally aware. Say these words out loud, “you have made the smart choice!”

3 Key Points On Why Paper Bags with Logo Is A Smart Choice

A hand holding a brown paper bag with handles, printed with a product image of Lay's chips.

First key the only way is the biodegradable way. Nobody wants a shopping bag that would linger for a thousand years. The ability to reuse and recycle material of utility is given top-most priority on all efforts made for the environment. Our cue here is to eliminate the toxins released into the atmosphere. Paper is a carbon-based natural material and the decomposition process is shorter compared to plastics. This should be good news for the decomposing agent. In sum, paper materials produce less carbon footprint in the process of decomposition in which byproducts will be used among hundreds of biological cycles.

Second, we can apply non-toxic ink for prints and logo designs on a paper bag. Like any other plastic materials, plastic shopping bags require inks that adhere to polyethylene and are in the same way also contain hazardous chemicals. Imagine those harmful dyes and toxic pigments mixing with our purchased goods, food, vegetables, and other transportable materials. Paper bags eliminate the use of such harmful substances with the use of natural inks and dyes. So the next time you encounter paper bags printed with logo, you can have a safe bet that they come with inks that are safe, natural and eco-friendly.

At a third point, paper bags are ideal food storage materials. The groceries and fresh food in your refrigerator or other storage appliances will be kept away from toxic chemical pollutants that plastics may produce. Plastic shopping bags release trace chemicals into fruits and vegetables stored in your refrigerator. The chemicals released increases the decomposition rate of these fruits and vegetables, thus finding more instances of rotten food in your fridge. Conversely, paper bags, just like newspaper wraps, will keep food fresh and palatable for longer periods of time.

Why Does It Spark Joy?

Pollution, environmental degradation, microplastics, fish kill, climate change. These concerns worry us always, and we are bothered when we feel that our shopping practices might contribute to a large-scale environmental catastrophe in the future. Sometimes, we have to pause, stop and listen. We assess how we make our daily routines and evaluate how these simple steps we do impact our society and the environment.

When did you last say to yourself that you are feeling positive or greatly elated about your shopping practices? Have you ever felt guilty knowing that the shopping bag you brought with you could end up somewhere in the park or the beach? You may collect and pile up those paper bags printed with the same logo and stack them up along with your collected plastic shopping bags. In this way, you can visualize how much is your paper bag or plastic bag use in the household. Your goal now is to have zero plastic bags and consume more paper bags and keep them for future use.

Now, we simply ask, does this spark joy? Yeah! It would remind you of your favorite series on television. It may sound a bit funny or quirky but this practice of self-assessment actually applies to many. Now, we tweak the question, does the use of paper bags spark joy to you than using plastic bags in your daily shopping? If your answer is big sparking YES, then we’re glad we’re on the same page.

At the end of the day, after enumerating several practicalities and benefits above, it is our firm belief that we should put the use of plastic bags aside and shift to paper bags as packaging material.

Imagine a future of effective and environmentally sustainable business ad practices. Always ask Is it a smart choice? Does it actually spark joy and happiness? Everyone has their part in bringing these goals to the table. Shopping Bags Free aims to be part of that solution. Contact us to learn more about our selection of paper bags with logo that sparks joy for everyone. You will never be disappointed because our select paper bags are always printed with logo in high definition.

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