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Say No to Plastic Bags

Paper Bags are able to hold more items per bag — anywhere from 50 to 400 percent more, depending on how they’re packed. The numbers here assume that each paper bag holds 50 percent more than each plastic bag, meaning that it takes one and half plastic bags to equal a single paper bag.
Paper Bags Recycling – If you compost them, the bags break down and turn from paper into a soil rich nutrient. This transformation occurs in just a couple of months.

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Many States Outlaw Plastic Bags

Many states are passing ordinances regulating the use of plastic bags. This is a major step in aesthetically improving our community while reducing the expense of plastic bag disposal. Bag ordinances are not a new approach to dealing with plastic bag blight. There are 41 countries with plastic bag legislation and 26 US States with proposed legislation.

Additionally, Hawaii was the first state to regulate the use of plastic bags. The passage of an ordinance will be a major step in breaking our addiction to single-use bags. This will help protect our coastlines and beaches from unsightly and costly pollution. It will also decrease marine fatalities caused by the pollution of single-use plastic bags.

We use plastic bags for minutes, yet they persist in having negative effects on our environment for hundreds of years. The average person uses 360 single-use plastic bags every year, which comes to over a billion bags per year.

Shopping Bags Advertisement

There is a unique opportunity for exclusive advertisement on hundreds of millions of Paper Shopping Bags. These paper shopping bags are given out to hundreds of thousands of shoppers daily. Stores like Whole Foods, Food Lion, Publix, Winn-Dixie, Albertsons, Kroger and many other top rated companies you would recognize. Can you imagine all the paper shopping bags that act like bill boards, with your company’s personalized message? Think about it, these shoppers are carrying your message as they walk down the street parading your product or message. Good luck trying to get your company’s message out in such an overcrowded world of TV, Internet, Newspaper and Coupon Books. This unique advertisement lets you stand out from the crowd while your competition is paying for ads that don’t work. Well now you can have an exclusive advertisement message without the competition. Each bag has two billboards that you can advertise on, or just one side if you prefer. Your company will have an exclusive way to get its brand identity and message seen by hundreds of thousands of people in your marketplace daily.

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